Religions in the Caucasus

Religions in the Caucasus

The Caucasus, a strategic location in Eurasia, has naturally been the focus of historical movements and events. Its particular geography and position has encouraged up to 50 local peoples and a large number of incomers to settle there. While natural and geographical conditions, as well as the ethnic variety in the Caucasus have enforced separation, the religions prevalent in the Caucasus tended towards territorial and political consolidation and prevented even greater division. The Caucasus certainly engendered indigenous religious traditions, but it was also fertile ground for the spread of Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Religions are clearly not only passively held sets of views, they have had a decisive impact on historical development, culture and art, communal life and all aspects of being. This comprehensive study of the history of religion in the Caucasus opens new opportunities for further in- depth investigation of the region. These contributions may also encourage alternative ways of resolving ethnic and religious conflicts and create opportunities to transform the Caucasus into a region of peaceful coexistence.

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