Imadeddin Nasimi in Medieval Sources and Literary Criticism

Imadeddin Nasimi in Medieval Sources and Literary Criticism
Farida Azizova

The personality of the great Azerbaijani poet Imadeddin

Nasimi aroused interest not only among his contemporaries

during the years of his life (1369 – 1417)

but also in later centuries. The study traces the statements

and the most diverse opin-ions about the poet’s

life, the dates and places of his birth and death, his

wander-ings, and many other biographical details presented

both by medieval authors and by the writers of

more recent times. The author emphasized the appropriateness

of following the single concept in studying

the poet’s heritage that has been put for-ward in the

late XIX – early XX century and adopted by all the

leading scholars of the country already by the middle

of the XX century; this concept is aimed at studying

the poet’s work in three historical and geographical

aspects: Middle Eastern (Turkic), Azerbaijani and, finally,

Shirvan context, in order to communi-cate to the

world Oriental Studies the indisputability of the poet’s

belonging to the Azerbaijani people.

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